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Sep 4, 2008

Aeris Therapeutics : Phase 2 Trial Results for Non-Surgical Emphysema Treatment

September 3, 2008 - Biologic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR) System Trial Achieves Primary Efficacy Endpoint; Preparations for Phase 3 Trials are UnderwayAeris Therapeutics, Inc., a company specializing in the development and commercialization of novel treatments for patients with emphysema and other advanced lung diseases, announced that the primary efficacy endpoint in Phase 2 clinical trials for its Biologic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR) System has been achieved. BLVR is designed to provide a safe non-surgical alternative to lung volume reduction surgery, one of the few available treatments for patients with advanced emphysema. The BLVR system is the first biologic therapy that has been successfully used to remodel the lung and improve breathing function... Aeris Therapeutics' Press Release -