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Oct 16, 2008

BioView : Interim Results of Early Detection Lung Cancer Diagnostic Test

September 24, 2008 – BioView Ltd, (TASE: BIOV ) from Rehovot, Israel, reported results of its internal clinical trial of the non-invasive diagnostic test under development for early detection of lung cancer.

In the trial a total of 76 sputum samples were collected from four groups of patients:
1. Healthy inviduals that never smoked
Heavy smokers with no signs of lung cancer
3. Early stage lung cancer patients (Stage 1)
4. Advanced stage lung cancer patients

The sputum samples were blindly scanned and analyzed morphologically and genetically, with fluorescent probes exclusively licensed to BioView, on BioView’s automated Duet scanning station by Company personnel. The results of the test were classified as “Normal”, i.e. no cancer detected and “Abnormal”, i.e. Cancer detected. These results were then compared to the actual data received from the hospital of the patients’ condition.

The samples included 32 cases of lung cancer patients (about half of them early stage patients) and 44 samples taken from people with no clinical evidence of lung cancer. Thirty one of the thirty two (96.9%) sick patients were correctly diagnosed as “Abnormal” and thirty six of forty four (about 82%) healthy people were correctly diagnosed as “Normal”... BioView's Press Release -